Lois Weber

Lois Weber

Lois Weber began film work as an actress, then soon began also writing and directing films. She has been referred to as "the most important female director the American film industry has known". Best known for her hard-hitting films that address social issues, she continued making films into the 1920s until she lost favor with motion picture audiences.

Born: Jun 13, 1879 In Allegheny City [now Pittsburgh], Pennsylvania, USA

Credits: 37

Known For
Idle WivesSuspenseLost Illusions
White HeatWhite Heat1934
Sensation SeekersSensation Seekers1927
The Angel of BroadwayThe Angel of Broadway1927
The Marriage ClauseThe Marriage Clause1926
The BlotThe Blot1921
What Do Men Want?What Do Men Want?1921
Too Wise WivesToo Wise Wives1921
A Midnight RomanceA Midnight Romance1919
Scandal MongersScandal Mongers
Role: Daisy Dean
Tarzan of the ApesTarzan of the Apes1918
The Mysterious Mrs. MThe Mysterious Mrs. M1917
Alone in the WorldAlone in the World1917
Even as You and IEven as You and I1917
The Hand That Rocks the CradleThe Hand That Rocks the Cradle1917
The Eye of GodThe Eye of God1916
Wanted- A HomeWanted- A Home1916
Where Are My Children?Where Are My Children?1916
Idle WivesIdle Wives1916
The Dumb Girl of PorticiThe Dumb Girl of Portici1916
Sunshine MollySunshine Molly1915
Lost by a HairLost by a Hair
Role: Summer Girl
The Merchant of VeniceThe Merchant of Venice1914
Role: The Wife
How Men ProposeHow Men Propose1913
The Jew's ChristmasThe Jew's Christmas1913
The RosaryThe Rosary
Role: The Soldier's Sweetheart
The Picture of Dorian GrayThe Picture of Dorian Gray1913
Fine FeathersFine Feathers
Role: The Artist's Model
A Japanese IdyllA Japanese Idyll1912
The Troubadour's TriumphThe Troubadour's Triumph1912
The PriceThe Price1911
On the BrinkOn the Brink1911
From Death to LifeFrom Death to Life
Role: Aratus' Wife
Lost IllusionsLost Illusions
Role: Grace - The Wife

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